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Centre for the Study of Autism

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Website - Centre for the Study of Autism


The Autism Research Institute (ARI) was established in 1967 by autism pioneer and advocate, Dr. Bernard Rimland. Dr. Rimland single-handedly destroyed the claim that autism was caused by poor parenting in his 1964 book titled Infantile Autism. He also founded the Autism Society of America and was the head consultant for the movie Rain Man. In the 1960s, 70s, and 80s, ARI focused much of its efforts on studying and disseminating information on behavioral therapy (i.e., Applied Behavior Analysis), as well as nutrition and diet. In the 1990s, ARI expanded its work to include medical and sensory interventions. Since his passing in 2006, ARI continues to follow Dr. Rimland’s vision by maintaining many of his initiatives as well as establishing new ones (for example, a ground-breaking initiative run by and for adults on the spectrum).


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