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Bearsac – Asperger’s Syndrome / Autism documentary UK 2009

Video - Bearsac – Asperger’s Syndrome / Autism documentary UK 2009


Bearsac is a 2009 Royal Television Society Student Television Award nominated short documentary from the Westminster Film School. We meet Debra and her ‘famous’ talking teddy bear Bearsac who share their lives and philosophies with us, witnessing people’s reactions to them along the way. These reactions eventually climax in a heated public confrontation that opens a debate about how people seen as ‘different’ are sometimes received in society. Does Debra’s Asperger’s Syndrome diagnosis effect people’s reactions to her, and to Bearsac? Bearsac is a funny, heart-warming profile that champions a message of universal tolerance and understanding. People concerned with autism and other mental health concerns will find it of particular interest. Finalist for ‘Best Factual’ award, Royal Television Society Student Television Awards London 2009


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