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Asperger’s at its best.

Video - Asperger’s at its best.


It’s 8 a.m., breakfast time, and River is already eager to share all of the new and interesting facts about his current obsession with wolves. (This is a daily occurrence at our house. This time though, I told him I wanted to hear everything he had to say, but that he had to wait for me to get the camera first. And so he did. He does get a little distracted at first, but then he really gets into it.) It amazes me the way he can spout off all of the information he’s gathered and memorized so clearly, and yet, when asked a seemingly simple question like, “How was your day?” with a fleeting glance and a single word, “Good,” he retreats back into his own world. River is my first born, my first love, and to me, he is perfect.


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