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The Social Skills Picture Book CD-Rom Highschool

media cover image

Video DVD - The Social Skills Picture Book CD-Rom Highschool

by: Dr. Jed Baker


Use photographs of real students in real-life social situations to teach social skills! This CD-ROM is an easy-to-use tool that provides the visual imagery from Dr. Jed Baker [*s book The Social Skills Picture Book for High School and Beyond in a customizable format to meet your unique needs.


There are two slideshows to choose from:
– Slideshow with Text from the Book. Choose this one to view or print the photos along with the corresponding text from each page of Part Two of the book. The pages in this presentation appear exactly as they appear in the book.
– Photos Only Slideshow. Choose this one to view or print only the photos from Part Two of the book. They still have the text in the speech and thought bubbles, but they do not include the corresponding text that explains what is going on in the photos. This one allows you to use the photos as you see fit to create a customized lesson for the individual or group you are working with.
The slideshows consist of high-quality PDFs, so you only need Adobe Reader to use it. It works the same way a PowerPoint works, except the images are higher quality, which is great for projected presentations and high-quality print-outs.



You are welcome to use these presentations for personal use, classroom use, teacher trainings, or any other educational purpose. You may also print freely as long as the material meets the above guidelines and is not intended for resale or a for-profit presentation.




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