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Dr Tony Attwood Asperger’s Syndrome, Vol 2

media cover image

Video DVD - Dr Tony Attwood Asperger’s Syndrome, Vol 2

by: Dr. Tony Attwood


Asperger's Syndrome, Vol. 2 DVD: Anger Management, Teaching Teachers, and Teenage Issues.


In this second installment of Dr. Tony Attwood’s popular DVD series, Tony gives teachers great advice on how to effectively manage a classroom that includes students with Asperger’s. His offers tips for success and social/behavioral warning signs to watch for. He also shares helpful strategies for teaching adolescents with Asperger’s. Since social skills are so imperative at this age, this tends to be a particularly challenging age for students and, consequently, for teachers. You will l earn how to curb anger and take preventative steps to avoid conflicts. Create a positive learning environment where ALL students thrive!






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