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Model Me Confidence & Bullying Prevention

media cover image

Video DVD - Model Me Confidence & Bullying Prevention

by: Model Me Kids


Model Me Confidence & Bullying Prevention. For Ages 9-17. Models skills for preventing bullying and building confidence through self-advocacy, choosing friends, positive self-talk, and more.


Model Me Kids videos demonstrate social skills by modeling peer behavior at school, on a playdate, at a birthday party, on the playground, at a library, at the dentist, restaurant, and more. Designed as a teaching tool for children, adolescents, and teenagers with Autism, Asperger Syndrome, and developmental delays, the videos are used by teachers, parents, and therapists. Real children model each skill.

Model Me Confidence & Bullying Prevention provides children with Autism a teaching tool for preventing bullying and building self-esteem. The video is hosted by children from the video, who narrate each scene.
– With narration: In the first half of the video, the visual is combined with narration and graphics that help explain the particular rule.
– Without narration: In the second half of the video, the same video is repeated without narration and graphics. This allows a parent, Autism teacher, or therapist to customize the lesson the individual child and/or to test what was learned in the first viewing of the video.
Each skill is demonstrated in more than one situation and across environments. This is useful to children with Autism and Asperger Syndrome because it helps with generalization of the skill taught. Graphics and music are used to make the video appealing, and a high production value helps keep the child’s interest so that he or she will want to watch many times.



Model Me Confidence & Bullying Prevention Topics Include:

– Self-Advocacy
– Peer Pressure
– Choosing Friends
– Building Strengths
– Visualization
– Positive Self-Talk
– Scripting
– Stay With Others
– Telling Isn’t Tattling
– Walk Tall
– Group Discussion: children share experiences of being picked on and how they handled it.

Teaching Manuals & Student Workbooks
Extra teaching resources for use with the videos: A Teaching Manual with lesson plans and progress charts. A social skills workbook with worksheets and activities.
Teachers: Use to build a social skills curriculum.
Parents: Use to structure home-based instruction and reinforce skills presented in the videos.
Sold separately from the videos.



Bullying is not a regular part of growing up. It is a very serious problem. If you are the subject of bullying and you don’t get help, you may become very sad, worried and down on yourself. If you are being bullied, there are trusted adults who can help you. Talking to your parents, teacher, guidance counselor, clergy, or coach is not tattling; it is problem-solving. It is not your fault that you are being bullied. Don’t try to handle this all by yourself. Model Me Confidence & Bullying Prevention will give you some good ideas about how to make yourself as strong as you can be. The lessons will give you ideas for filling your toolbox with a variety of tools to use every day at school, at home, and in your community. Then, if a bully appears in your corner of the world, you will be able to pull out strategies that work and you will know just what to do.
– Erica Edelman, Ph.D.


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