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Asperger syndrome – A Helping Hand

media cover image

Video DVD - Asperger syndrome – A Helping Hand

by: Dr. Meher Pocha et al.


Practical strategies and easy to follow advice. This DVD was developed to help young people with Asperger Syndrome feel more confident by giving them a tool kit to help them deal with tricky social situations.


The DVD has proved to be an extremely helpful aid for teaching professionals working with children and young people with social communication difficulties. It has a useful role in creating greater awareness within schools of the problems faced by people with Asperger Syndrome. The scenarios covered are based on real life experiences and are followed by suggestions on different ways in which the situation could be handled. Each scenario is then re-played using one of the suggested strategies.





[OI think it is excellent and every secondary school in the UK should have a copy! Jeremy Levene is very credible as an adolescent with Asperger [*s syndrome [_.. The DVD provides explanations and strategies, opportunities for role playing the recommendations, to consolidate learning, and the scenes are very convincing. I especially liked the descriptions of facial expressions [_.. [ [R Professor Tony Attwood


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