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Managing Puberty, Social Challenges, And (Almost) Everything: A Video Guide for Girls

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Video DVD - Managing Puberty, Social Challenges, And (Almost) Everything: A Video Guide for Girls

by: Coulter Videos


This DVD covers puberty, periods, making friends, dating, sexuality, health, fashion, safety, careers and more. It is honest and straightforward and explains in candid and factual terms the physical, emotional, and social challenges of puberty. The video contains vivid images, memorable scenes, and age-appropriate humor and is a straightforward, well-written, easy to understand, comprehensive, enjoyable treatment of an amazing variety of topics all girls need to know. It discusses these topics directly and with sensitivity.


“THE TALK” just got easier. This DVD for girls nearing or going through puberty builds their knowledge, confidence and self-esteem. The program covers physical, mental and social changes, including clear explanations of menstruation and conception using drawings of the female and male reproductive systems. While appropriate for any girl, it’s especially helpful for young women diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome or autism requiring support, or who are naturally shy. The video’s content advisers include parents, psychologists, teachers, counselors, autism education experts, an OB-GYN doctor and, most importantly, girls. The program is divided into chapters, so parents and professionals can choose which subjects to share with girls based on their stages of development, and answer their questions afterward. Schools will find this a valuable edition to sex education programs.



– Puberty
– My Body
– My Mind
– being Social
– Fashion Sense
– Dating
– Understanding Sexuality
– Staying Safe
– My Future



Just finished watching with my 13 year old daugher and had to tell you immediately that we loved it! The narrator was perfection, just the right tone and emphasis, and the content was excellent. While I have been educating my daughter since she was about 9, and she was prepared when her period started at 10, this video covered the mechanics of puberty AND the social aspects which we’ve been teaching piecemeal rather than as a whole. You covered many subjects — clothing as social communication — that I’ve had difficulty getting across. You also addressed much of sexuality that I hadn’t yet broached — and gave us opportunity for continued discussion. THANK YOU! We had borrowed the video from a friend, but are immediately buying our own copy to keep for reference. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
“Managing Puberty” Comment from Parent


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