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Asperger Syndrome: Success in the Mainstream Classroom

media cover image

Video DVD - Asperger Syndrome: Success in the Mainstream Classroom

by: Coulter Videos


Designed for teachers and parents, this video provides proven techniques and tips to help make mainstreaming a child with Asperger Syndrome a positive learning experience for him or her -- AND for teachers and classmates. Whether a classroom has one teacher, or the support of special education teachers and aides, these approaches can help make the difference in a child's education.


This video offers tips and techniques teachers and parents can use to help a student with Asperger Syndrome succeed socially and academically in a mainstream classroom. The program includes interviews with psychologist Jed Baker, regular and special ed teachers, a case manager/social worker, and parents, all of whom describe specific steps that worked for them in guiding and teaching children with AS in elementary through high school classes.You can think of this as “Asperger Syndrome 101.” At 44 minutes, it’s the perfect length to view during an available class period (or to use as a teacher in-service program) and it points the way toward other resources to help generate continued success.



– specific steps that have worked in guiding and teaching children with AS in middle school through high school classes.



This video is a well-rounded, informative session on the topics of Education and Asperger Syndrome. I found the information to be exceptionally presented and in an easy-to-follow format. The information provided is enlightening. This video is a definite “must see” for anyone, working or living with someone diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, who is interested in the educational, social and emotional aspects of the disorder.
Jackie Igafo-Te’o , from


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