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Intricate Minds III: Understanding Elementary School Classmates Who Think Differently – DVD

media cover image

Video DVD - Intricate Minds III: Understanding Elementary School Classmates Who Think Differently – DVD

by: Coulter Videos


This DVD is designed to help elementary school classmates understand and accept classmates who have Asperger Syndrome, high functioning autism, learning disabilities and similar challenges. It is presented with compassion and humor, is a superb introduction to the challenges faced by children with neurobiological challenges and is perfect for the elementary classroom. A great resource.


Students talk about how they are treated — and how they want to be treated. INTRICATE MINDS III helps classmates accept and support others they may have been inclined to ignore or tease. It’s applicable to a range of conditions such as High Functioning Autism, Asperger Syndrome, Semantic-Pragmatic Disorder, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder and more.



Interviews with students who describe how their neurological conditions make them think and act differently.



This video is the multi-disability companion to the recently released video “Intricate Minds 2: Understanding Elementary School Classmates With Asperger Syndrome”, which was created to help kids at the elementary school level understand their classmates with Asperger Syndrome. The video was adjusted to include subject matter relevant to those wishing to educate children about varying types of disabilities. Once again, I am very impressed by the quality and presentation of this video. The writing was creative and the narrator was pleasantly engaging. As I viewed this latest release from Coulter Video, I kept an eye on the two children who were watching it along with me. Questions and comparisons seemed to set the tone of the room. The children couldn’t help but notice how much the kids in the video were like them. They noticed the similarities more than the differences. Bingo! This was the perfect opportunity to explain that we are all very similar, despite our differences. Parents and teachers should take this opportunity to educate children about their peers with disabilities. Everyone is sure to leave the room having learned something very valuable.
Jackie’s review.


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