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Intricate Minds: Understanding Classmates with Asperger Syndrome

media cover image

Video DVD - Intricate Minds: Understanding Classmates with Asperger Syndrome

by: Coulter Videos


The DVD is designed to help students in middle through high school accept and support classmates with Asperger Syndrome. Is is an excellent and poignant introduction to Asperger Syndrome which fosters an understanding of the unique, intelligent and likable teens with AS in a school situation.


Through interviews with students who have Asperger Syndrome (AS), this video offers an inside look at how teenagers with AS act, think and feel — and how they’re routinely treated. The students talk about their strengths as well as their challenges and describe how important is it to them to be treated with respect. The program’s open includes speculation that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein had Asperger Syndrome. After viewing this video, classmates should be less likely to ignore or harass students with AS — and be more willing to treat them as equals. The program is designed for students in high school and middle school and is an excellent staff development tool.



candid Interviews with teenagers
– promote positive interactions between classmates
– reduce harassment and bullying.



“Students with Asperger Syndrome (AS), the high end of the autism spectrum, talk about how they think and feel, and about their behavior classmates may find quirky, in this excellent film. The narrator, a college student with AS, explains that their brains are wired differently and they often have difficulty with social interactions because they don [*t recognize body language or other social cues, even though they may be highly intelligent [_Ten articulate AS students talk poignantly about difficulties with ordinary interaction, as well as their strengths and interests [_”
School Library Journal “Best Books 2005” edition by Anitra Gordon


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