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Asperger Syndrome: Transition To College and Work

media cover image

Video DVD - Asperger Syndrome: Transition To College and Work

by: Coulter Videos


This DVD helps high school students prepare for college, or prepare to go directly from high school to the workplace.


This DVD features two programs for high school students who have Asperger Syndrome. One details things they need to do to prepare for college. The second program describes how to prepare to enter the workplace from high school or after college.
The programs include interviews with:
– Peter Gerhardt, Ed.D. Dr. Gerhardt recorded this interview while serving as a professor at Rutgers University and while associated with the Douglass Developmental Disabilities Center. He describes advocating for people with Asperger Syndrome and helping them find jobs.
– Ann Binder The director of special needs services at Delaware County Community College’s Career and Counseling Center in Media, Pa., Ms. Binder offers a realistic and positive look at how students with Asperger Syndrome need to prepare to succeed at college.
– Mary Beth Berry The director of a successful career development/job sampling program for students with special needs at North Hunterdon High School in Annandale, N.J., Ms. Berry describes how to analyze your strengths and challenges, research opportunities, advocate for yourself and succeed in a career.



– Differences between college and high school
– Skills to develop in high school for college success
– College search and selection process
– Arranging accommodations based on IEP and psycho/educational testing
– Legal limitations on parents’ role at college
– Learning to be a self-advocate
– Step-by-step college preparation checklist for each year of high school

– Importance of having a job
– Job match – self-analysis, researching careers and finding the right job
– Job carving – creating a job that’s good for you and an employer
– What employers are looking for – talking in an employer’s language
– Disclosure issues – should you reveal that you have Asperger Syndrome?
– How to negotiate accommodations
– Importance of early job experience
– Skills you need to get and hold a job
– Job training, job coaches & job sampling
– Job Safety




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