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A Treatment Manual for Adolescents Displaying Harmful Sexual Behaviour Change for Good

media cover image

Video CD - A Treatment Manual for Adolescents Displaying Harmful Sexual Behaviour Change for Good

by: Eamon McCrory


A Treatment Manual for Adolescents Displaying Harmful Sexual Behaviour is a resource for clinicians working therapeutically with male adolescents who have shown harmful sexual behaviour (HSB). Comprised of a printed manual and a CD-ROM, it is designed to be delivered over 30 sessions across 4 modules, but can be adapted to suit the needs of individual adolescents.This professional resource aims to provide the clinician with the tools to address adolescent harmful sexual behaviour within a broader social and emotional developmental context, and will aid those working with young people to motivate them to engage in a positive process of change.


The four modules address a range of clinical tasks, including: establishing rapport and a therapeutic alliance with the young person; developing the relationship skills of the young person and addressing their harmful sexual behaviour; the young person’s feelings, thoughts and beliefs and developing their capacity to regulate emotions and sexual arousal; and issues of sexuality, dating, endings and relapse prevention. The printed manual outlines the background that any clinician delivering treatment needs to consider, including a description of key therapeutic techniques, practical advice on how to prepare for and deliver an intervention, overviews of the modules and sessions, and sample session plans. Each session plan is clearly written in a step-by-step format and is stored electronically on the CD-ROM so they can be easily printed as often as required. The CD-ROM also contains ‘Home Project’ sheets (homework tasks to consolidate the in-session therapeutic work) as well as a specially commissioned ‘Character Library’ with cut-out figures and background scenes that can be used as tools for the young person to explore real and fictional scenarios. This 30 week treatment manual represents a robust and user friendly synthesis of current thinking in work with young people with harmful sexual behaviour and offers practitioners from a range of disciplines an excellent tool and context to enable young people to develop a non-abusive and coherent sense of self. The manual is a significant contribution to the field.



Acknowledgements. 1. Overview of the manual. 2. The treatment context. 3. Preparing for intervention. 4. Delivering the intervention. 5. Module descriptions. 6. Sample session plans. 7. Sample material from the Character Library. References. Contents of the CD-ROM. Engagement Module. Relationships Module. Self-Regulation Module. Road Map Module. Character Library.




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