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Woman With Asperger’s

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Facebook - Woman With Asperger’s

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Joined Facebook in 2010


WWA’s threefold purpose:
1.To communicate to the world the reality of an Aspie woman. As autism expert Dr. Tony Attwood states, women with the disorder are good at “playacting”, or pretending to be normal. Many of us are not diagnosed or do not come to the realization of having AS until well into adulthood. This blog will catalog the journey of one woman’s understanding of herself and AS.
2. To help educate and do some myth-busting. There is a public perception that Asperger Syndrome and other autism spectrum disorders are conditions only affecting white males. This is simply not true. Part of the blog’s purpose is to educate the public as to the far-reaching scope of Asperger’s and autism spectrum disorders: they affect people of every walk of life.
3. To reach out to other Aspies, including females and those of color. WWA hopes to reach out and dialogue with people from every walk of life who have Asperger’s or other spectrum disorders. If you are a woman or a person of color with AS, you are not alone, and you are not an oddity — and WWA hopes to provide a means of connection and discussion.


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