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Kathy Hoopmann Asperger’s

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Facebook - Kathy Hoopmann Asperger’s


Kathy Hoopmann, author. I’m an optimist. I trust people. I smile at strangers and love seeing a glimpse into their souls as they smile back. I enjoy doing random acts of kindness and am always amazed at how a simple act can have enormous ripple effects. I have a deep love for my God and have joy and peace knowing that Christ loves me, despite knowing who I really am. Although I thrive on other people’s vibes, I go slightly crazy if I don’t get time alone. I grow through meeting people who think differently from me and in turn, make me think. I love to travel and to experience sights and sounds and tastes of the unusual. One of my greatest delights is walking in the rain. I feel exhilarated when I write and my characters do the unexpected. I enjoy hot showers on a cold day and the smell of home cooking. I hate lies, injustice, bullies, loud opinionated people, and chewing gum on my shoes. That’s me.


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