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Asperger’s Library

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Facebook - Asperger’s Library


“Asperger’s Library” is all about sharing information and stories that I feel should be shared with anyone touched by Autism in their lives, and for those of you who aren’t to create a better understanding on this much misunderstood subject. My name is Christine and I have a son with Asperger Syndrome and other family members on the Autistic Spectrum. Since 2001, when my son was first diagnosed, as I had never heard of this Syndrome, I began researching it. Initially it was to get a grasp on what I was dealing with, and what my son was dealing with! The more I read and the more I learned, the more I understood, and it has served me well in raising a child on the Spectrum, which in turn has served him well, as he has learned with me! Along the way I have embraced and also dismissed a lot of information and theories. What I will be sharing goes along with my gut instinct on what has worked for us, and what is important to know for a better understanding of a family’s life affected in any way with Autism.


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