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Welcome to Laura’s Blog

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Blog - Welcome to Laura’s Blog


Laura's experiences and thoughts on autism: I am now in my mid fifties. Although I was diagnosed as autistic while still in elementary school, I had no memory of this. Until I self diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome several years ago, my life has been a blind exploration of autism. I firmly believe that I might have been able to accomplish more with my time had I been aware of my deepest self and been able to develop a life to fit.

Get to know me:

I was rapidly approaching my fifty third birthday, and watching House, M.D. alone in my garden shed of a house. I have spent most of my life wondering what I am, and what is wrong with me and my life. I am possessed of a terrifying intellect, and yet make unerringly poor life decisions. I am simple and honest and always on time, and always competent, yet I am so hard to hire and so easily fired and receive neither raises nor promotions. I can scope out physics just fine and do so absent mindedly whilst pushing one more “Laura Car” – someone’s used up jalopy, down the road one costly mile after another. And I am alone in a house literally the size of a garden shed, poor as dirt, and watching my favorite show.
I own a small architectural business in Williams, AZ. I am self sufficient-at a low level perhaps-but still living without assistance. My goal is to use my life’s experience to assist others on the spectrum to live better lives, and to be part of the founding of autistic culture.


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