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Welcome to Aspie Land! Please exit through the gift shop!

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Blog - Welcome to Aspie Land! Please exit through the gift shop!


I work as a Desk Assistant at ABC News. I have Asperger's Syndrome.
There are now two types of neurotypical people I have met. Those who know people who know people with Autism and people who don't. This blog is primarily for the people who don't but sometimes it applies to the people who do. Ignorance and prejudice can be a fickle things many people may not be aware they even are prejudiced or ignorant. Others are more blatant about it. Even the nicest and most caring of people can be ignorant at times. Even people who know people who have autism.

Get to know me:

Robert Moran
Who am I?
I recently graduated from Cal State Fullerton. I like tacos. I majored in broadcast journalism. I am currently a Desk Assistant at ABC News in Los Angeles.
Fiat justitia (et ruat caelum) – Let there be justice though the heaven’s fall
Ad augusta per angusta – to high places by narrow roads.
It is better to fight for your principles than to die for your sins…
Life is great!
I think those quotes pretty much sum me up.
I want to travel the world and backpack through India and visit the Golden Temple.
I want to ride a motorcycle cross country and photograph the country.
I want to help those who cannot help themselves.
I look for interesting people to talk to and share their story.
I am an avid social media user. I love history especially the history of Los Angeles.


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