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The Aspie Side of Life

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Blog - The Aspie Side of Life


Why I Blog (besides it being great therapy!)
We struggled alone for a long time and I realize now that we are not alone. I hope that I provide helpful information or a story that helps someone realize they are not alone. I have lots of stories from the past 15 years regarding getting diagnosed, supports, school issues, traveling with an aspie, and so much more.

Get to know me:

My name is Neo. I am a self diagnosed Aspie although I have been living on this planet as an NT (neurotypical) Nurse/Lawyer. I try to find ways to increase Autism Acceptance (awareness is not enough!). Don’t compare me or my son to your child and think I don’t relate. We both have come a long way. I always struggled with not fitting in. Have had to learn how to work around my sensory and social issues. (My husband still encourages me to get out more – but I don’t want to!!) I have had to work hard to control my emotions. My parents had to deal with my meltdowns- I refused to do things, I threw things, sometimes even hit them. Not proud of this but want people to understand what you see in me is a 40ish year old woman who has worked really hard to blend in.
My son Sheldonis 15 and recently diagnosed with Asperger’s and this has been freeingfor both of us. He was always different but I always related to him (I wasn’t self diagnosed until after his diagnosis). He acted out more than I did and so I didn’t completely understand but understood what was making him act out. I always focused on the trigger while some focused on behavior. Behavior is communication!! I wish the teachers would have listened. I wish a lot of things had been different for him. He was bullied and I wish I could have protected him. That is why we now do Online Schooling. My son struggles with a lot of things but most notably with social skills, social anxiety, sensory integration, behavior, and organization.
My husband, his dad probably has OCD, anxiety, and we wonder about Asperger’s. He does not always accept or understand the disabilities and challenges my son faces. Even though they are very similar!! He is getting better at understanding though.


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