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The Asperger Cafe

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Blog - The Asperger Cafe


Asperger Syndrome is on the autism spectrum, meaning it's a form of autism. Some people call it "Autism Lite", some call it "Little Professor Syndrome", and some just call it Asperger's. :-) No one knows exactly what causes it, but our brains work very differently from those of other people, and we process information differently...AND sometimes the stuff we do and think is just too damn funny not to share.

Get to know me:

I am a Toronto writer and editor – for real.
In fact, you’ve probably read some of my other work if you’ve ever visited the,, or CNIB websites, read a Canadian poetry anthology, or picked up a copy of UC Magazine – just to name a few.
If you’re a college or university student, chances are pretty good that my name is in the front of some of your textbooks. I’m not trying to be coy – it’s just that letting people (especially colleagues and employers) know you have Asperger’s can be a career-killer. Sad but true – and yes, I do know this from harsh experience.
I shall come out when I am good and ready.
I’m doing my bit to put Asperger’s, and Aspergians, on the map by dispelling myths about us, by being approachable and answering questions from folks who mean well but aren’t sure what Asperger’s looks like, and by slowly but surely revealing myself where that seems a safe and relevant thing to do.


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