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My Food is Problematic

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Blog - My Food is Problematic


The Misadventures of a Clumsy, Neurotic, Special, Special Girl. Here are some things to know about me: you will never meet anyone like me ever in your life, I love to read, I am a Type 1 Diabetic for 22 years and I have an insulin pump, I have Madelung's Deformity which no one has ever heard of, I am very interested in saints, I love all animals, I love my tattoos, I have crazy parents but I like them a lot, I am very interested in psychological things like OCD, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and all the memoirs people write about those things...

Get to know me:

I’m Darcy and this is my blog, among other things. I write a lot about my misadventures, my lack of social grace, my crazy family and above all, my love for animals. I have a slight (that’s an understatement) obsession with reading and collecting books, particularly Young Adult literature, but really, a bit of everything. Psychological memoirs fascinate me. Asperger’s, Autism, Dissociative Identity Disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder are some of my favorites. I identify very much with Asperger’s, and 3 different psychologists and a psychology professor in college have told me I have it, but as Anthony Rapp says, “labels are for cans”. Speaking of Anthony Rapp, I LOVE theater and stage managed for 12 years. The phrase “My food is problematic”comes from one of my favorite TV series, Firefly. I love all things Joss Whedon. I love coffee and my Keurig, International Delight Vanilla Cream and Malley’s chocolate. I’m a very happy person and not much gets me down, I’m an eternal optimist!


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