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My Aspergers Child

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Blog - My Aspergers Child


HELP FOR PARENTS OF CHILDREN WITH ASPERGER'S & HIGH-FUNCTIONING AUTISM...Education and Counseling for Individuals Affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders. Many of Mark Hutton's articles and columns related to parenting children with ADHD, ODD, Conduct Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Asperger's Syndrome, Autism, Reactive Attachment Disorder, and more, are featured on prominent "online" magazines (ezines) and websites.

Get to know me:

Mark Hutten – Counseling Psychologist, Home-Based Family Therapist and Online Parent Coach.
Mark has worked in the addictions field since 1994 and has worked with children who are experiencing emotional and behavioral problems — and their parents — since 1988. He was a Probation Officer as well as a Family Therapist who performed home-based counseling/supervision for families experiencing difficulty with their child’s emotional and behavioral problems. His primary mission was to help these families develop much needed coping skills so that they could (a) avoid involving their child in the Juvenile Justice system and/or (b) avoid placing their child in a residential treatment facility.

Mark is the creator of the Parent-Support Group (a parents only group for parents with out-of-control, Aspergers children). He is the author of many online eBooks (digital books), and the founder of Online Parent Support (the online version of the Parent Support Group).


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