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Mind Retrofit – Upgrading to the Asperger’s Life

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Blog - Mind Retrofit – Upgrading to the Asperger’s Life


I have read many blogs, websites, and books that have helped me to understand how we think. AND I still have a lot more to learn. This blog is just to share my experiences and provide resources that have helped me. I also want to give hope to those who have felt similar things they thought no one else has felt.

Get to know me:

My name is Angelique, I am mother of three and I so enjoy being able to stay home with my kids. I love to write, read, and learn. I enjoy music, laughing as much as possible and dancing wherever I am without a thought.

This blog is like my personal journal of emotions and thoughts that I am working through. I am using it to express myself and get it all out to help me stay sane. Understanding who I am now (a little more everyday) and the way I think has brought much healing and restoration. Along with that, it has brought out much anger and emotions that I don’t quite understand and can only express creatively. I am discovering new things about myself often, and after all these years I am finding people who know what I am talking about. I have found fellow wanderers, and people who know the feelings of being bullied, abused, and isolated. Reading and sharing with others has brought a great deal of comfort and restoration.

I have also found those who share in my silliness and who want to express themselves freely, and enjoy this life we have been given. That inspires me too…it inspires me to share the lighter side of me. The one that is silly, happy, and loves to dance!

I received my official Aspergers diagnosis October 2012. I suppose I should say my “Autism Spectrum Disorder” diagnosis, but I received Aspergers before they did the actual big change in the DSM-5. My five six seven eight year-old son is also on the autism spectrum and now considered high functioning. My two other children show autism traits as well. Definite Sensory Integration Dysfunction ALL around. Learning disabilities are filtered through also.


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