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Married, With Aspergers…How I live with Aspergers Syndrome

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Blog - Married, With Aspergers…How I live with Aspergers Syndrome


I first started writing this blog because I had read a number of other peoples' accounts of their experiences and found that it helped me by making me aware that there were other people out there with experiences similar to my own. I hope that what I write here helps others in the same way, by showing that they are not on their own in living with an Autism Spectrum Disorder or Gender Dysphoria.

Get to know me:

My name is Alex and I’m a full-time software developer, married and 40-ish. Originally from Lancashire, now living in Hampshire. I have a knack for technology but I’m not so good at dealing with people. I discovered I have Aspergers Syndrome a few years ago. It explains a few things about me. I also began transitioning from male to female recently and am now living full-time as a woman.

I am writing this blog because I want to and I enjoy writing. I find that putting down how I am feeling in words helps me deal with those feelings. Some of what I write here is very specific to my own experience; other posts are more generally descriptive of the life experiences of people on the Autism Spectrum. I am not going to draw boxes around parts of my posts at any point and say “this only happens to me”. This is my blog and it is all about me. I don’t apologize for that. But I have found that some of my experiences are similar to other people’s.

I’ve started this blog to put down in writing for the first time what impact Aspergers has had on my life. It has both positive and negative aspects, like pretty much everything in life. Perhaps reading about my experiences will help others understand the condition a little better.


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