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Life with Aspergers

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Blog - Life with Aspergers


The goal for this blog is to describe what it is like living with Asperger's Syndrome and to focus on the positive aspects of the condition rather than the negative. This blog is personal, non-medical, (reasonably) non-technical and not affiliated with any religious or other organizations. The overall aim of this blog is to increase the amount of first-hand knowledge about Aspergers.

Get to know me:

Before 2006, I had no idea that a condition called Aspergers even existed but when my eldest son, then 6 was diagnosed with it I was suddenly thrown into the learning cycle. The more I learned about it, the more it seemed to apply to me rather than to my son.

Eventually, after some not-so-subtle hints from my son’s teachers, we talked to a psychologist about the suspicion that I might be “aspie” and he confirmed our suspicions. This discovery triggered an ongoing review of my life in the light of this new data and I started this blog as a means of firstly reaching out to others with similar experiences and secondly exploring and promoting the positive side of aspergers.

A couple of years later, my youngest son was diagnosed with high functioning autism. In my quest to find the difference between my two sons, I discovered that apart from a language delay, which can be overcome by speech therapy, they’re clinically identical. It’s something that has led psychologists to consider abandoning the Aspergers label in favour of the all-encompassing “autism spectrum” one.


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