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Flappiness Is

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Blog - Flappiness Is


Navigating the World of Early Childhood Autism With One Special Little Boy. This is not my family's first journey into the world of autism and "otherness". We have relatives on the spectrum as well as those with ADHD, giftedness, mental illness, etc... Suffice it to say, between being a teacher and having family experience with the spectrum, the Jaws theme played loud and clear in my head at the first little glimpses of flapping and stimming in my son.

Get to know me:

Leigh Merryday, who works as a school media specialist, is mother to two young children: Bronwyn, 4, and Callum, 2, who is on the spectrum. Her blog chronicles her family’s journey and is colored by Merryday’s indomitable optimism.
She is a married teacher, school media specialist, and mother of two young children. Her daughter, Bronwyn is six and has ADHD. Her son, Callum, is four and is autistic. He is currently in an ESE Pre-K class and receives speech, occupational, behavioral, and physical therapy. She doesn’t yet know what the severity of Callum’s autism will be as he is just beginning to use some words. And he is quite a friendly and affectionate little guy. Now she is doing what she issupposed to do (therapies, consultations, research) and have dabbled in others (biomedical, listening programs) while waiting to see in what direction he will go. He is severely speech delayed, but at only four and showing positive signs of communicative intent, she are hopeful he will acquire language.

Callum’s autism and sensory integration issues are not depriving him of happiness. He is a cherished and happy little soul who brings smiles to everyone he knows. However, Callum’s journey has just begun. She has seen enough in her family to know that the tough stuff is yet to come. And, now that things are starting to become more of a challenge, she finds herself needing to reach out toward other ASD families and individuals. This blog is her attempt to do just that, as well as take the burden off her non-ASD friends and loved ones!


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