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A look into the mind of someone with Asperger's Syndrome.
When I have a conversation with you, in person or on the phone, I have a little more to think about than the average person. Not only is there listening to you and understanding what you're saying, and coming back with my proper reply, there is also listening to every noise in my surroundings, listening to all the background noise as I can hear from you. If we are face to face we both share the same background noises, but I am paying more attention to them then you, especially the sound of children which I love and really focus on, all the while trying to pay attention to what you say and having to really think about my reply.

Get to know me:

I have full custody of my kids. I am autistic. So are they. My daughter is also a diabetic. Myself and my son are on medications. If we don’t take them, I’ve been threatened that they will be taken away from me. I am on Invega(anti-psychotic) and Cymbalta(anti-depressant) My son is on Prozac and Clonidine. Here is a little of a conversation I have about autism and meds and my situation….Enjoy!


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