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Blog - autisticandproud


A 13 year old boy with aspergers gives some views through his eyes. His dad works with him on managing the blog.

Get to know me:

My son is 13 years old.

He has asperger’s syndrome and he understands it as being wired differently. He loves how he is and never wishes he was any different- nor for one second , do we. He has a great understanding of his own condition and has learned to mix well, integrate in a mainstream world, play team sports and is very aware of the differences his conditions gives him.

He is a fantastic ambassador for autism..the title of the blog is his phrase. We wanted to give him the opportunity to help the world understand how it looks through his eyes.

I’m also known as AutismFather. Well, that’s what I’m known as in Minecraft. I recently created a Minecraft server for children with autism and their families.


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