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Autism and Oughtisms

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Blog - Autism and Oughtisms


Linda writes about her own parenting experiences as well as wider autism issues. With degrees in both philosophy and law, Linda publishes posts that are thoughtful, engaging, and super-informative. Her writing advocates for her own son and for all individuals on the spectrum, but also for being the most thoughtful, conscious parents we can be. She bucks against what we "ought" to do as parents of autistic children and instead helps us find a path that makes the most sense for each family and each individual child.

Get to know me:

I’m a mother of two sons, a seven year-old and a three year-old. My eldest son has classic autism.
Much of my blog is about my parenting experiences with my seven year-old, who has had his diagnosis since he was three, but has shown signs of his autism well before then. I also blog about wider autism issues and a variety of autism view-points.
I have a law degree with honours, and a philosophy degree with honours. I’ve been a law lecturer and tutor, and a philosophy tutor. I draw on those backgrounds at time in my posts.
In 2010 I was part of a panel discussing autism with Lindsey Dawson, on Triangle TV / Stratos, in New Zealand. My blog was also discussed by Ele Ludemann of Homepaddock, on Radio New Zealand (February 2011).
I aim for my blog to be enjoyable and informative, as well as eye-opening for those unfamiliar with autism. It will sometimes be depressing, sometimes uplifting, but hopefully always interesting. Much like autism.


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