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Aspie from Maine

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Blog - Aspie from Maine


The eponymous Mainer, Kate Goldfield, was diagnosed with Asperger's six years ago, when she was 21. In 2010, she launched her blog, in which she shares her unique perspective on everything from eating fish to the TV show Parenthood. "I would like to start a conversation between people with Asperger's or autism, parents of kids with autism spectrum disorders, and anyone who just wants to know more" she writes. "Let's explore what autism means, together". There are few better places to do just that.

Get to know me:

Kate Goldfield is a 26 year old freelance writer from Falmouth, Maine. She attended Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland as a psychology major. Kate has written articles about her AS that have appeared in the Baltimore Sun, Hartford Courant, and The Autism Perspective magazine. She has spoken at two national autism conferences about her experiences.

Since receiving her own AS diagnosis six years ago, Kate has read everything she can get her hands on about Asperger’s and autism and has been committed to helping people on the autistic spectrum in any way possible. Helping people on the outside understand what it’s like to have an autism spectrum disorder is a major priority for her. Kate is happily available to speak at any school, business or organization event about the topics of Asperger’s or autism. She is also available as a mentor to young people with AS who live in the area (Portland, Maine). Her presentations include topics such as “What is Asperger’s? Learning about and Relating to the Aspies in Our Midst,” “Strategies to Help Students with Asperger’s or Autism,” and “Why Does He Do That? Understanding the Motivations and Behavior Issues Behind Asperger’s and Autism.”


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