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Blog - AGirlOutsideTheBox


I'm a geek/nerd AND a rebel; a girly-tomboy hipster. I likes colours, patterns, themes, sparkles, and fun, meaningful slogans. I'm fashionably idiosyncratic! So, step outside the box and check it out ;)

Get to know me:

I’m a 28 year old mom/writer/artist with Autism.

I’m sharing my experience, strength, hope and at times, humour. I’m highly sensitive yet very strong.. expressing it through creativity; words and music. I crusade for Neurodiversity, Humankind, better health and a better world. Though I love the potential for good in most of people, it can be hard to get close; because of my AS/ struggle with chronic health. I reach out by sharing on the internet. Also, I’m a music artist, which is my true passion. My hope is to help with awareness against ignorance; and to provoke thoughts toward solidarity amongst people for systems in which better serve the concept of Social Justice. My unique viewpoints come from my own life experience and my Autistic Mind.. not from formal education. They are formed through my perception of a lifelong battle with being Different; Invisibly.. and in poverty, in a society that needs change.


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