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Planning Entry to School, A Resource Guide, Ministry of Education, Ontario, 2005

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Article - Planning Entry to School, A Resource Guide, Ministry of Education, Ontario, 2005

by: various

Source: Ministry of Education - Ontario


Entry to school represents a major threshold in a child’s life. It marks an important transition into the formal education system at a critical age in early child development. Whether the child has remained at home until starting school or has participated in preschool programs, planning for entry to school can support his or her long-term success. It can have a positive influence on a childUs lifelong attitude towards school and on the child’s development of literacy and numeracy skills.
This resource guide represents an effort to identify and build on existing effective practices and to translate evidence-based research into practical ideas and processes. This information will help school boards to work with parents and community partners as they plan students’ entry to school.
The guide is designed to facilitate the planning process for children entering school in September; however, many of the suggestions could be modified to assist with the entry process at any time during the school year.
This is board policy in 40% of Ontario school boards. It is very helpful in planning the transition from pre-school to school.


Download (planning_entry_to_school_guide.pdf)


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