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Making a Difference for Students with ASD – From Evidence to Action

media cover image

Article - Making a Difference for Students with ASD – From Evidence to Action

by: various

Source: Ministry of Education - Ontario


In June of 2006, the government of Ontario announced its intention to create a Ministers’ Autism Spectrum Disorders Reference Group, which would provide advice to the Minister of Education and the Minister of Children and Youth Services on effective, evidence-based educational practices to meet the wide range of needs of students with Autism Spectrum Disorders. The Reference Group reviewed and evaluated a broad range of evidence-based practices which have proven effective in meeting the needs of students with Autism Spectrum Disorders. This evaluation included examination of a variety of models of service delivery. A comprehensive discussion was conducted regarding present practices in Ontario, desired evidence-based educational practices, and both the challenges and enablers which have an impact on successful implementation. The Reference Group also examined supports for students with ASD including the relationship among treatment and educational practice, intensive behavioural programming, parameters regarding what may take place in Ontario schools at the present time, and effective transitions for students.


Download (making_a_difference_for_students_with_asd.pdf)


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