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An Educator’s Guide to Asperger Syndrome

media cover image

Article - An Educator’s Guide to Asperger Syndrome

by: various

Source: Danya International and Organization for Autism Research (OAR)


As a teacher, you are responsible for helping to shape the lives of young people and preparing them to be successful adults. Your students may come from different family backgrounds and leave your classroom for different futures, but they spend a significant portion of their young lives with you right now. Next to their parents and immediate family, you have the greatest opportunity and the power to positively influence their lives. To do this successfully, you need to understand and be able to meet their needs. You already know that, in addition to intelligence, passion, and enthusiasm, teaching requires patience, sensitivity, and creativity. Having a child with Asperger Syndrome in your classroom will present unique challenges for you as a teacher, but it also gives you the opportunity to learn new ways to teach young people the academic and social skills that will last them a lifetime.


Download (life_journey_through_autism_an_educators_guide_to_as.pdf)


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