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A Clinician’s Guide to Providing Effective Feedback to Families Affected by Autism – Instructor’s Manual

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Article - A Clinician’s Guide to Providing Effective Feedback to Families Affected by Autism – Instructor’s Manual

by: various

Source: Autism Speaks Autism Treatment Network


While we are primarily targeting psychology trainees who are giving an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis to families, the principles involved in this guide apply to all clinicians who deliver evaluation results, diagnoses and/or treatment recommendations to their clients. Good feedback practices are universal and apply to clinicians in other professions including pediatricians, speech/language therapists, occupational therapists and physical therapists.
A key point discussed in these materials is the importance of a clinician’s ability to establish a warm and supportive relationship with the family. While a clinician’s empathy and good faith efforts to assist families will always be paramount, the specific strategies that we outline in these materials will facilitate a successful feedback session.


Download (a_clinicians_guide_to_delivering_feedback_manual.pdf)


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