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Parenting ASD Teens A Guide to Making it Up As You Go

media cover image

Book - Parenting ASD Teens A Guide to Making it Up As You Go

by: Andrew Schlegelmilch

About the author:

Andrew Schlegelmilch, PhD, is a clinical psychologist who specializes in working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families. He is Head Psychologist at Orion Academy in Moraga, California, a college preparatory high school for adolescents with Asperger's Syndrome, Non-verbal Learning Disability, and other related neurocognitive disorders. He previously completed a post-doctoral fellowship in Applewood Centers, Cleveland, Ohio, an urban community mental health center where he did individual and group therapy and diagnostic assessments. He lives in San Francisco, California.

ISBN: 978-1-84905-975-6

Year: 2014

Publication Info: 224pp


This straight-talking and accessible guide for parents of teenagers on the autism spectrum provides down-to-earth advice on coping with the more difficult issues that can arise at home and school during the adolescent years.

Andrew Schlegelmilch discusses common parenting challenges and offers advice drawn from his extensive experience working with teenagers with autism and their families as Head Psychologist at a college preparatory school. He offers parents professional guidance on what to do about falling grades, how to handle adolescent tantrums, how to talk about sex and sexuality with your child, how to help your child with peer relationships, how to keep your child safe online, and what to do if you suspect your child has mental health problems. Integral to the discussion is how to set realistic expectations and encourage independence in ways that work for both your child with autism and the rest of the family, as well as how to make the best use of the help professionals can offer.



Acknowledgements. Preface. Section A: Getting to Know Your Teen. 1. What are Autism Spectrum Disorders? 2. Assessing Strengths and Deficits. 3. Why Your Brilliant Child is Struggling in High School. 4. What Should You Expect from Your ASD Teen? Section B: Growth and Development. 5. What Happens When a Child Becomes an Adolescent (Who is Bigger than You)? 6. Rules, Justice, and the Search for Peace. 7. Morality and Being a Good Person. 8. The Adolescent Fixation, Being Stuck, and the Freeze Response. Section C: Relationships: 9. Sex, Sexuality, and Romantic Relationships. 10. Vertical Relationship Management. 11. Peers, Friends, and Enemies (Lateral Relationship Management). 12. Social Media and Text-Based Communication. Section D: Parents and Professionals. 13. Mental Health. 14. Transitions. References.



Andrew Schlegelmilch’s new book, Parenting ASD Teens is a clear, detailed, and a much-needed look at parenting of teens on the spectrum. His years of experience with ASD teens and their parents at Orion Academy come through in the realistic information and the thoughtful, professional discussion. This is a must-read book for both parents and clinicians living and working with this population.


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