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Embracing Asperger’s A Primer for Parents and Professionals

media cover image

Book - Embracing Asperger’s A Primer for Parents and Professionals

by: Richard Bromfield PhD

About the author:

Richard Bromfield, PhD, is a graduate of Bowdoin College and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. A faculty member of Harvard Medical School, he writes about children, psychotherapy, and family life in both professional and popular periodicals. He is in private practice in Boston, Massachusetts.

ISBN: 978-1-84905-818-6

Year: 2011

Publication Info: 176pp


Parents and teachers of children with Asperger’s know only too well the feeling that they are not quite reaching the child, not quite hearing or getting it, not communicating just right, or at all. Offering rich insights into what Asperger’s is like for the child himself or herself, this compassionate book will empower parents and teachers, enabling them to nurture the child’s strengths and work towards a happy and promising future.

The book is packed with strategies, insights, and points to remember in order to address common areas of difficulty, including creating a safe space, quieting sensory overload, quelling anxiety, connecting to feelings, promoting friendship, and feeding creativity. A chapter devoted to girls with Asperger’s describes how to see and connect with the child more deeply in order to better meet her needs, and the author also considers the ways in which other children might view and treat the child with Asperger’s, with tried and tested advice on how a positive difference can be made, and what really works.

This original and perceptive book offers rich insights into what Asperger’s means in the real world, for real children, and is essential reading for parents, teachers, and other professionals.



Introduction. Note to Readers. Caution. 1. The Child’s Burden. 2. The Child’s View. 3. The Parent’s View. 4. The Teacher’s View. 5. Creating a Safe Place. 6. Treasuring Precious Goods. 7. Quieting Sensory Overload. 8. Quelling Anxiety. 9. Facilitating Communication. 10. Tending the Intellect. 11. Connecting to Feelings. 12. Promoting Friendship. 13. Giving and Nurturing Empathy. 14. Feeding Creativity. 15. Considering Girls. 16. Other Children’s Views. 17. Butterfly Love. 18. Connecting It All. References. Index.



This is a great book for explaining that children with Asperger syndrome are as individual as any other child and that they have so much to offer if given the chance. Sensitively written, Richard Bromfield has great insight about helping a child with AS to access the world around them and gives value le strategies for parents and professionals. It was nice to see a chapter about girls too as more awareness of girls having AS develops.
Overall, this is a very informative and easy to read book which will e useful for parents, education staff and professionals working with children with AS.


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