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Exploring Friendships, Puberty and Relationships A Programme to Help Children and Young People on the Autism Spectrum to Cope with the Challenges of Adolescence

media cover image

Book - Exploring Friendships, Puberty and Relationships A Programme to Help Children and Young People on the Autism Spectrum to Cope with the Challenges of Adolescence

by: Kate Ripley

About the author:

Kate Ripley is County Senior Specialist Educational Psychologist for Autistic Spectrum Disorders for the Children's Services Department of Hampshire County Council. She lives in Hampshire UK.

ISBN: 978-1-84905-439-3

Year: 2014

Publication Info: 148pp


This evidence-based programme is designed to help young people on the autism spectrum to cope with the many challenges of adolescence. It encourages them to explore their identity, develop their friendships and to begin to think more about adult relationships, tackling the important related issues of puberty, sexuality, gender identity, body image, dress codes, self-care, safety and conventions for touching along the way. Designed to be used either as a 30-consecutive-session programme or to be dipped into as particular issues arise, it contains engaging lesson plans, supplementary activities, take-home tasks, group discussion points and over 200 cut-out-and-use flash cards.

This is a vital teaching resource for educators, SENCOs, educational psychologists and other professionals working with children aged 11+ with ASDs in SEN and mainstream settings.



Introduction. The Development of the Programme. About the Programme. How to Use the Programme. Strength Cards. Tutor Notes. Part I: The Challenges of Early Adolescence. 1. This is Me. 2. Me and My World. 3. Friendships. 4. My Network. 5. Who Do I Trust? 6. Making Friends. 7. Making Friends Online. 8. Gender Identity. 9. We Are All Different. 10. We All Grow Up and Change. 11. Look into the Future. Part II: Puberty and Preparation for Adult Relationships. 12. Understanding Our Bodies. 13. Personal Hygiene. 14. Things People Worry About – Around Puberty. 15. Expectations About How We Behave. 16. Behaviour in Public Space and Private Space. 17. Expectations Change. 18. What the Law Says. 19. Making Friends. 20. Being a Friend. 21. From Friendships to Relationships. 22. Things Are Not Always What They Seem. 23. Thinking About a Relationship. 24. Eat Well and Be Healthy. 25. A Balanced Diet. 26. Getting to Know You. 27. Reading Hidden Messages. 28. It Takes Two – Dealing with Setbacks. 29. Building a Relationship. 30. Safe Sex. References. Appendix I: Tutor Notes. Appendix II: Baseline Assessments. Strength Cards. Friendship Cards. Situation Cards. About Me Cards. Personal Space Cards. Actions Cards. Response Cards. Public Space or Private Space Cards. Clothing Cards.




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