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AutiPower! Successful Living and Working with an Autism Spectrum Disorder

media cover image

Book - AutiPower! Successful Living and Working with an Autism Spectrum Disorder

by: Herman Jansen and Betty Rombout

About the author:

Herman Jansen studied Biology at Wageningen University and Scientific Journalism at Radboud University Nijmegen in The Netherlands. In 2003 he founded Pepijn Publishing House through which he has written and published a number of books on autism and ADHD including Autisme in het nest (Autism in the Nest) and Succes met je ADHD (Good luck with your ADHD). He lives in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Betty Rombout began her career in 1986 as a group supervisor of mentally impaired individuals in a large institution. After four intensive years she changed course and began working in PR, marketing and project management. As writing and healthcare are her passions, in 2004 she decided to start her own business and her writing agency B-Write was born. Since then, Betty has been writing for various media in the healthcare sector. She lives in Mauron, France.

ISBN: 978-1-84905-437-9

Year: 2013

Publication Info: 176pp


AutiPower! presents a series of candid interviews with adults on the autism spectrum that offers a unique insight into their work and life experiences. Through these inspiring accounts we hear of the many ways that people with autism have overcome challenges and used their autism traits for employment success.

Despite his doctorate in Mathematics, Jaap struggled to keep many jobs before realizing that his intense attention to detail that was making him a slow worker became a strength once he learnt to set goals and communicate his progress. Wendy’s autism is a big advantage as a special education teacher because she truly understands the children that she teaches. From software engineers, to company directors, to those who work in autism advocacy, the interviewees openly discuss the pitfalls and the positives of working life with autism. Also interviewed are autism professionals, career coaches and employers who discuss the value and great talents that people with autism bring to the workplace.



Introduction. 1. The Man Who Invented Himself. Jaap Brand. 2. The Woman Who Tries to Fend for Herself. Wendy Vinck. 3. 19. ‘We Want Jobs’. Nita Jackson and Drew Miles. 4. ‘We Need to Explain to Employers Where Profit Can be Made’. Annelies Spek. 5. ‘Autism does Work’. Bram Barkhuysen. 6. Chicken Dish, prepared ÌÁ l’Autiste. Ted and Thea de Laat. 7. ‘I Can Make My Own Choices’. Robyn Steward. 8. The Interesting Experiment. Frank van Tiel. 9. ‘We Need More Support’ Maxine Aston. 10. About Trains, Comics and Cut-Backs. Elsbeth van de Ven. 11. ‘Impossible Doesn’t Exist, Impossible at This Moment Does’. Barbara de Leeuw. 12. ‘If it is in my Interest, I will Tell’. Dominiek Heyvaart. 13. The Invisible Wheelchair. Karin Berman. 14. ‘Let’s Open Our Eyes’. Dirk Rombaut. 15. Society is Ready for It. Marcel Hurkens. 16. ‘We Want to Be Ourselves!’. Carlo Post. 17. Survival in a Jungle of Information. Ben Kuijpers. 18. From Devil’s Spawn to Philosopher. Jan Verhaegh. 19. ‘Einstein had Asperger’s, Didn’t He?’ Mark Ty-Wharton. Epilogue.




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