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Meditation for Aspies Everyday Techniques to Help People with Asperger Syndrome Take Control and Improve their Lives

media cover image

Book - Meditation for Aspies Everyday Techniques to Help People with Asperger Syndrome Take Control and Improve their Lives

by: Ulrike Domenika Bolls

About the author:

Ulrike Domenika Bolls began learning meditation aged 20 and received the positive diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome in her adult years. She has dedicated a lot of time to self-discovery in therapies and seminars in Germany and the United States. In 2000 she began working on a self-employed basis with people in transformation processes. She offers coaching for gifted and highly-sensitive people both with and without Asperger Syndrome under the name Highmata, as well as introductory courses, support and training in meditation. She is a trained Psycho-Social coach. She lives with her husband in Munich, Germany.

ISBN: 978-1-84905-386-0

Year: 2013

Publication Info: 144pp


Meditation is an effective, life-long practice that can help people with Asperger syndrome to steer their own life course and improve wellbeing. This useful guide provides Aspies with a clear explanation of how to reap the benefits of welcoming meditation practices into their lives.

In addition to its great value as a relaxation technique, meditation can positively influence emotions, curb anxiety and meltdowns, and promote self-esteem and self-awareness. This book discusses why common Aspie character traits such as dedication and introversion make people with Asperger syndrome particularly well suited to practicing meditation and offers guidance on choosing the right type of meditation to suit each individual’s needs. With useful advice on how to begin, where to meditate, what to wear, and much more, the book shows that meditation can be a powerful everyday technique for personal development and self-discovery.



Preface. Introduction. 1. What is Meditation? 2. The Benefits of Meditation for People with Asperger Syndrome. 3. Motivation to Meditate. 4. Mind, Body, Soul and Emotion – What to Expect When you Meditate? 5. Welcoming Meditation into Your Everyday Life. 6. Different Forms of Meditation. 7. When, Where and What to Wear? 8. Aids for Meditation. 9. Top Tips for Beginners and Advanced Learners. Final Thoughts. About the Author. Index.



Ms. Bolls tells, in plain English, the benefits of meditation for everyone, but points out added benefits for Aspies, as well as illuminating why so many of us are drawn to and are good at meditation. She refreshingly debunks a lot of the mysticism and mystique surrounding the act. Yet she is highly schooled and practiced in many forms of meditation and is an enthusiastic champion of it as an oasis of calm in a whirlwind life, whether that whirlwind comes from external or internal sources. I highly recommend this fun and practical manual.


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