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Inside Asperger’s Looking Out

media cover image

Book - Inside Asperger’s Looking Out

by: Kathy Hoopmann

About the author:

Kathy Hoopmann is an Australian author with a background in primary school teaching. After many years of working with children with Asperger Syndrome, she has a wonderful insight into the mindset of Aspies. Her sensitivity to their strengths and weaknesses, and her ability to encapsulate these within her literature, has made her a household name within the Asperger community. She is the author of fifteen books for children and teenagers. Her best known work, All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome and All Dogs Have ADHD, Haze, Lisa and the Lacemaker, Of Mice and Aliens and Blue Bottle Mystery, are all published by JKP. To find out more about Kathy and her writing visit

ISBN: 978-1-84905-334-1

Year: 2012

Publication Info: 72pp


Inside Asperger’s Looking Out follows in the best-selling footsteps of Kathy Hoopmann’s All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome and All Dogs Have ADHD. Through engaging text and full-color photographs, this book shows neurotypicals how Aspies see and experience the world.

Each page brings to light traits that many Aspies have in common, from sensitive hearing and an aversion to bright lights and strong smells, to literal thinking and difficulty understanding social rules and reading body language and facial expressions. At the same time, the book highlights and celebrates the unique characteristics that make those with Asperger’s Syndrome special.

This is the perfect introduction to the world of Aspies, told from their own perspective, for the people in their lives: including family, friends, and classmates. Those with Asperger’s Syndrome will also appreciate this book for the way it shares their own singular perspectives on life.





This bright and positive book is written with the emphasis that being different is agreat way to be. The book addresses the many differing characteristics, struggles, and strengths of people with Asperger’s. The text provides teh reader with the opportunity to adopt and better understand the perspective of children with Asperger’s. It could be a useful resource for people with Asperger’s as well as for people living with and working with this population. The goal of acceptance as well as understanding is demonstrated by easy-to-read and entertaining text and pictoral illustrations.’


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