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Working with Asperger Syndrome in the Classroom An Insider’s Guide

media cover image

Book - Working with Asperger Syndrome in the Classroom An Insider’s Guide

by: Gill D. Ansell

About the author:

Gill D. Ansell has over 14 years' experience of ASDs, and previously worked as a teaching assistant, both at schools for children with Autism and Asperger Syndrome, and in a mainstream primary school. She has experience of running support groups for mainstream teachers and teaching assistants supervised by an Educational Psychologist, and possesses an in-depth knowledge of the difficulties that can arise with a child on the autistic spectrum at school and at home, and how these can be alleviated.

ISBN: 978-1-84905-156-9

Year: 2010

Publication Info: 176pp


Having an array of effective strategies at your fingertips and understanding exactly why they work makes supporting children with Asperger Syndrome in the classroom a whole lot easier. This accessible, short and snappy guide to the basics will provide busy teachers and teaching assistants with everything they need to know to make their job easier, and to make a real difference to any student with AS in their care.

The book begins by exploring how children with AS operate and the implications this has for mainstream school settings. It goes on to give practical advice for one-on-one working, DIY resources for visual learners, tools for effective assessment, and much more. Information on how personal wellbeing can be maintained in potentially stressful situations is also included, and the concise chapters are ideal for dipping into as and when inspiration is needed.

This book will be an essential resource for any teacher or teaching assistant supporting children with Asperger Syndrome.



Preface. Introduction: Working with Asperger Minds. Part I: What is Asperger Syndrome? 1. Autistic Spectrum Disorders. 2. Understanding Asperger Syndrome. 3. Literal Thinking. Part II: Working with an Individual with Asperger Syndrome. 4. The Beginning. 5. Individual Work Stations. 6. Behaviour Management Sessions. 7. Small Group Work and Working One to One. 8. Breaktimes and Lunchtimes. 9. Restraints. 10. Role-Play and Puppets. 11. Worksheets and Word Searches. 12. Acronyms. Part III: Dealing With Feelings. 13. Anxieties. 14. Managing Anger with Exercise. 15. Emotions – The Feelings Book. Part IV: Ideas for Visual Learners. 16. Visual Learners. 17. Oops! Cards. 18. The Strategy Book. 19. Cards and Rewards. 20. Sand and Egg Timers. 21. The Home/School Diary. 22. The Good Book. 23. Visual Conversations. Part V: Assessing Children with Asperger Syndrome. 24. Record Keeping. 25. Graphs. Part VI: Everything Else You Need to Know. 26. Choices and Standing Your Ground. 27. Bullying. 28. The Translator. 29. Finding Solutions. 30. Keeping Sane – Seeing the Glass Half Full. 31. Jake. 32. Snippets for Learning. Index.



Ansell concentrates on providing readers with a wealth of recommendations for overcoming the many challenges that the teaching assistant working with autistic individuals faces… Many of the strategies presented – the use of social stories, cards the pupil can display to indicate frame of mind etc. will be familiar to the experienced teacher or teaching assistant operating within this field. However, there is such a vast amount of advice presented that even the experienced practitioner will discover useful suggestions to enhance a repertoire of strategies… Perhaps the most compelling aspect of this book is Ansell’s seemingly limitless enthusiasm for her work. Repeatedly she demonstrates a resilient ability to develop strategies in the face of challenging situations… For the new entrant to the world of autistic spectrum disorders, whether teaching assistant or teacher, this book will prove a valuable resource both for the vast amount of practical advice it contains and the passion with which it is presented.


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