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Happy Families A Parents’ Guide to the Non-Violent Resistance Approach

media cover image

Book - Happy Families A Parents’ Guide to the Non-Violent Resistance Approach

by: Carmelite Avraham-Krehwinkel and David Aldridge

About the author:

Dr. Carmelite Avraham-Krehwinkel is an affiliate researcher at the Nordoff Robbins Centre in Witten, Germany. She has many years of experience in child, adolescent and family psychotherapy, and specialises in working with children with behavioural problems.

David Aldridge is a social science researcher and the author of many books including Suicide: The Tragedy of Hopelessness also published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers based upon his doctoral thesis at the Open University, UK. He is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, London.

ISBN: 978-1-84905-084-5

Year: 2010

Publication Info: 96pp


Parenting a severely disruptive child can be exhausting and demoralizing to the point where breaking the cycle of bad behaviour seems an impossible task. Happy Families offers a realistic, step-by-step, practical approach to tackling destructive behaviour that helps parents regain control and establish harmony within the family.

Using hands-on techniques based on the principles of non-violent resistance, each chapter deals with a different stage of the process – from communicating to the child an unwavering determination that the situation will change and enlisting the support of family and friends, to taking positive action in a way that avoids escalation. General advice such as how to respond constructively and consistently to provocation is included throughout, and morale-boosting tips encourage flagging parents to persevere with the approach.

Happy Families will empower despairing parents and caregivers who seek to contain, counter and positively re-direct the aggression they face from children in distress, resulting in deep-felt and lasting change.



Introduction: What is Non-Violent Resistance? 1. Avoiding Escalation. 2. The Declaration or Statement of Intent. 3. The Sit-In. 4. Going Public. 5. Telephone Rounds. 6. Linking. 7. The Sit-Down Strike. 8. Refusing Orders. 9. Reconciliation. 10. Summary: Empowerment and Readiness. Case Study. Non-Violent Resistance in Practice.



If things were different from how they are, what would I have done? Then, this book might help. How? Firstly because it is brief. If you’re in trouble you certainly don’t have the leisure time to read some weighty tome. No. You want something that’s easy to read, lays out the facts, provides a straightforward approach and a plan of action. Interestingly, to me at least, is the reference to shouting, that basically this is an ineffective technique when it comes to parenting. It’s quite a common reference in parenting books and it always amuses me when I read it. ‘The authors accept that this approach is not a quick fix. It is a lot more difficult than simply losing your temper and yelling, but it is also much more affective; with patience and determination parental authority can be restored, and with it the harmony of home and family life.


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