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Addressing the Unproductive Classroom Behaviours of Students with Special Needs

media cover image

Book - Addressing the Unproductive Classroom Behaviours of Students with Special Needs

by: Steve Chinn

About the author:

Dr Steve Chinn is an independent researcher, writer and lecturer based in Gloucestershire, UK. Steve founded Mark College - a school for dyslexic pupils. The College held Beacon School status was the first school to receive the Independent Schools Association's Award for Excellence. Steve has written several books and articles on learning difficulties and a diagnostic test of thinking styles.

ISBN: 978-1-84905-050-0

Year: 2010

Publication Info: 144pp


Shortlisted for the 2011 NASEN Award ‘Book to Promote Professional Development’
Certain classroom behaviours can signify an underlying learning disability. This book will help you recognise potential indicators of Asperger Syndrome, dyslexia, dyspraxia, AD/HD, physical disabilities and speech and language disorders; explores the benefits of different interventions; and offers practical strategies for improving pupils’ behaviours, social skills and self-esteem.

This book contains:

– A simple-to-use screener for initial identification of a pupil’s specific learning disability
– A practical and simple structure for monitoring classroom behaviours and creating an Individual Behaviour Plan
– Tried-and-tested teacher strategies for common areas of concern, such as problems staying on task, inability to work on group tasks and failure to seek help when needed
– Key educational theories to help teachers understand and influence classroom behaviours, and further develop classroom management skills for addressing the behaviours of special needs pupils.

This practical, accessible book is an essential tool kit for special educational needs coordinators, learning support staff and teachers in both primary and secondary schools.



Introduction. 1. Classroom Behaviours and the Affective Domain. 2. The Characteristics of Six Special Needs. 3. The Classroom Behaviours List (CBL). 4. The Classroom Behaviours List Profiles for Each Special Need. 5. Using the Classroom Behaviours List. 6. Common Behaviours across the Special Needs Categories. 7. Rare Disorders. 8. Eliminate the Obvious. 9. Tried and Tested Strategies. 10. The Benefits of Different Interventions. 11. Pupils’ Own Views. 12. Social Skills, Social Competence and Special Needs. 13. Multiple Intelligences. 14. Self-esteem and Self-concept. 15. Transactional Analysis. 15. 16. Attributional Style. Summing Up. Further Reading. Index



What a helpful book!… A photocopiable screening test is included which is valuable as an aid to early identification…This highly accessible book provides a practical introduction to the complex needs of a substantial cohort of students for teachers and teaching assistants alike.


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