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How to Detect Developmental Delay and What to Do Next Practical Interventions for Home and School

media cover image

Book - How to Detect Developmental Delay and What to Do Next Practical Interventions for Home and School

by: Mary Mountstephen

About the author:

Mary Mountstephen leads a large specialist support centre at a major international independent school and is an educational and neuro-developmental delay specialist in private practice, as well as being an international consultant to schools and organizations. She has an MA in Special Education and many years' experience teaching in mainstream, independent and special schools. Mary lives in Glastonbury, UK.

ISBN: 978-1-84905-022-7

Year: 2010

Publication Info: 176pp


If a child is not meeting expected milestones it can be a source of great anxiety for parents and teachers. This forthright guide offers practical advice on how to recognize the signs of developmental delay, address difficulties effectively, and help the child to flourish.
Mary Mountstephen presents a practical approach to dealing with developmental delay, equipping readers with the knowledge, understanding and tools to tackle problems successfully. By clearly explaining how children develop, drawing on the expertise of a number of specialists in the field and detailing straightforward interventions, the author enables parents and teachers to identify a wide range of problems and empowers them with the information they need to take action.
Concise and accessible, this book provides a wealth of useful advice on how to address developmental delay, and will prove invaluable to parents, teachers and other professionals working with children.



Notes from the Author. Introduction. Part 1: Child Development and Signs of Delay. 1. Factors Affecting Early Development. 2. What to Expect in the Early Years. 3. Detecting Special Educational Needs. Part 2: Interventions for Home and School. 4. Movement and Learning. 5. Vision, Visual Processing and Learning. 6. Hearing, Auditory Processing and Learning. 7. How a Psychologist Can Help. Appendix I: Checklist of Initial Observations. Appendix II: Rhymes. Appendix III: Central Auditory Processing Disorders Leaflet. Appendix IV: Useful Resources. References. Index.



A most welcome book for professionals and parents… It offers practical advice on how to recognize sighs of developmental delay and also gives practical advice on how to access more information and support… I would certainly recommend this book as an invaluable source of information, to both colleagues and parents.


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