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Autism and Diet What You Need to Know

media cover image

Book - Autism and Diet What You Need to Know

by: Rosemary Kessick

About the author:

Rosemary Kessick is former CEO of AiA (Allergy Induced Autism), a UK-based charity dedicated to identifying the underlying causes, biochemical effects and dietary aspects of autistic spectrum disorders. Together with NAS (the National Autistic Society) and PACE (Parents Autism Campaign for Education), AiA formed the joint advisory committee to the UK All Party Parliamentary Group on Autism. As the mother of a now adult son with autism and inflammatory bowel disease, whose condition has been dramatically improved with appropriate medical and dietary intervention, Rosemary championed the need for recognition of gastrointestinal disease in autistic children and adults, and was instrumental in its inclusion as a key theme in the autism exemplar of the National Service Framework (NSF).

ISBN: 978-1-84310-983-9

Year: 2009

Publication Info: 96pp


Parents have been reporting a connection between autism and diet for decades, but for many years the science behind the connection was evasive. Today, we see a growing body of research to back up parental-reported evidence that certain foods and other environmental sources can affect the developing brains of some children, and trigger adverse behavioural episodes.

Written by an autism expert who has witnessed in her own child the dramatic improvement that can be made through dietary intervention, this book offers an ‘easily digestible’ guide to the science behind the considerations; strategies for implementing a safe diet; a handy list of ingredients to be avoided; as well as a concise bank of essential resources and useful contacts.

This book offers an accessibly concise guide to all aspects of dietary invention in children with autism, and is an ideal resource for parents, teachers and any other family member or caregiver who needs to know how to help implement a safe and healthy diet for an autistic child.



Introduction. Chapter 1. What is the Autistic Spectrum? Chapter 2. The History of Dietary Intervention in Autism. Chapter 3. A Whistle-stop Guide to the Science Behind the Interventions. Chapter 4. Back to Basics. Chapter 5. The Offending Food Pyramid. Chapter 6. School Essentials. Chapter 7. Essentials for Teachers andTherapists. Chapter 8. Cautionary Tales. Chapter 9. Case Study. Chapter 10. What You Need to know about Ingredients. Resources. Appendix – Health Care Plan. Suggested Further Reading. The Last Word. References. Index.



If anyone should know about treating autism with diet it is Rosemary Keswick… The mother of a now adult son with autism, Rosemary is a former CEO of Allergy Induced Autism, one of the charities that championed the early use of gluten and casein-free diet in autism. Her two short and very accessible books form an excellent introduction to the subject for anyone caring for a child or adult with autism who also has (as a significant number have) serious gastrointestinal problems.


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