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Helping Children with Complex Needs Bounce Back Resilient Therapy(TM) for Parents and Professionals

media cover image

Book - Helping Children with Complex Needs Bounce Back Resilient Therapy(TM) for Parents and Professionals

by: Kim Aumann and Angie Hart

About the author:

Kim Aumann is Director of ART (Amaze Research and Training). Amaze is a parent-led voluntary organization offering support and advice to parents of children with special needs and disabilities. She has been a practitioner in this area for 15 years.

Angie Hart is Professor of Child, Family and Community Health at the University of Brighton. She is also the mother of three adopted children, all with special needs, and is a child and family therapist.

ISBN: 978-1-84310-948-8

Year: 2009

Publication Info: 224pp


Bringing up a special child can leave parents feeling deskilled, disarmed, and worn down. A resilient child has the ability to cope with challenging situations, and the capacity to bounce back from trauma and gain long-term strength from these life experiences.

Resilient Therapy is an innovative way of strengthening children with complex needs. This is a tried-and-tested handbook for parents to read from cover to cover, or dip in and out of as needed. Accessible and fun, Helping Children with Complex Needs Bounce Back includes exercises and worksheets, as well as breaking down the principles of the latest research, making them easy to apply to everyday situations.

This “magic box” of ideas and remedies is perfect for parents and carers, friends and families of children with disabilities, special educational needs, and mental or physical health needs, as well as professionals working with these children.



Introduction. Chapter One: Basics. Chapter Two: Belonging. Chapter Three: Learning.Chapter Four: Coping. Chapter Five: Core Self. Chapter Six: To conclude: Let’s get real. It’s tough, but so are you. Appendices: Feedback. References. Index.



The book achieves a kind and respectful tone. It uses this base to gently push people toward increased resilience through the use of many well thought out discovery exercises and action checklists that are all grounded in research and real world experience. The book elegantly achieves the aim of encouraging parents (& professionals) to build a coping scaffold. It respectfully invites people to reflect on the resources they already have and then use the ‘straightforward, ordinary magic’ of resilient therapy to begin a change in everyday life.


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