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Making Sense of Children’s Thinking and Behavior A Step-by-Step Tool for Understanding Children with NLD, Asperger’s, HFA, PDD-NOS, and other Neurological Differences

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Book - Making Sense of Children’s Thinking and Behavior A Step-by-Step Tool for Understanding Children with NLD, Asperger’s, HFA, PDD-NOS, and other Neurological Differences

by: Leslie Holzhauser-Peters and Leslie True

About the author:

Leslie Holzhauser-Peters has thirty years of experience working in the public school setting in the Special Education and General Education fields. She has worked as a Speech-Language Pathologist, Supervisor and Curriculum Consultant. Her areas of expertise are language, literacy and intervention. In addition she has presented throughout the United States and has authored several publications. Over the past several years she has acted both as an advocate and speech language pathologist to her co-authors son Joshua.

Leslie True is the mother of three sons Joshua, Danny and Michael. Her oldest son Joshua has been diagnosed with a Nonverbal Learning Disability. For the past year she has worked as an instructional aide for a child diagnosed with a nonverbal learning disability. As a parent, she has done extensive studying and reading in the field of NLD.

ISBN: 978-1-84310-888-7

Year: 2008

Publication Info: 192pp


Making Sense of Children’s Thinking and Behavior offers parents and professionals a tool for understanding children with neurological differences. These children have an atypical view of the world, unique to their particular disability, which can make their behavior confusing and, at times, challenging. Often, the child’s actions are misunderstood and, consequently, they are unfairly punished.

An individualized approach to understanding a child’s thought processes can help to resolve these problems. The authors’ Systematic Tool for Analyzing Thinking (STAT) offers such an approach. It provides a step-by-step method for understanding a child’s behavior by revealing the thought processes behind it. By viewing a situation from the child’s perspective, the root of the problem can be identified and one can then effectively address the difficult behavior. Case studies are used to describe the twelve common deficit areas, demonstrating to the reader how to apply the STAT in everyday situations.

This practical book is an invaluable resource for parents and professionals working with children with NLD, Asperger’s, HFA, PDD-NOS, and other neurological differences.



Contents: About the Authors. Introduction. 1. The Systematic Tool to Analyze Thinking (STAT). 2. Abstract Language. 3. Motor. 4. Sensory. 5. Spatial Orientation. 6. Control/Consistency. 7. Thinking About Others Thinking (Theory of Mind). 8. Social Communication. 9. Emotions. 10. Mental Flexibility. 11. Impulsivity. 12. Executive Functions.13. Anxiety. 14. Believe. Appendix I Summary of the Systematic Tool to Analyze Thinking. Appendix II The Systematic Tool to Analyze Thinking: full version. Appendix III Story Locator. Index.



The book is very accessible and will sit comfortably with those parents and professionals, who view the world from a medical perspective, where understanding is gained through a within-child deficit model… This book is recommended for those parents and professionals who prefer a diagnostic approach to understanding child development, rather than those who operate in amore socially constructed world.


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