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Families of Adults with Autism Stories and Advice for the Next Generation

media cover image

Book - Families of Adults with Autism Stories and Advice for the Next Generation

by: Edited by Jane Johnson and Anne Van Rensselaer
Foreword by Stephen Edelson, Autism Research Institute, San Diego

About the author:

Jane Johnson is Co-Managing Director of the Board of Directors of Thoughtful House Center for Children in Austin, Texas, and a member of the Board of Directors of the Autism Research Institute. She is the co-author, with Bryan Jepson, MD, of Changing the Course of Autism: A Scientific Approach for Parents and Physicians. She lives in New York City with her husband and three children.

Anne Van Rensselaer has worked as a freelance editor and as a book packager with Jane Lahr Enterprises in New York, and has also worked for 25 years with alcoholics in recovery. Her true calling in life was to be a grandmother of three.

ISBN: 978-1-84310-885-6

Year: 2008

Publication Info: 192pp


Families of Adults with Autism is a collection of real-life stories of people on the autism spectrum growing up, as told by their parents and siblings.
The individual accounts explore the challenges that families of people with autism have faced, and the techniques they have used to improve the quality of their children’s lives, from mega-doses of vitamins and dietary changes to intensive interaction. The contributors also relate how they have worked with their children or siblings to help them to function at their highest possible level, be it showing an awareness of their environment, holding down a full-time job in a local store, competing in the Special Olympics, or achieving international recognition as an artist.

This book will offer practical and heartwarming advice to families who are affected by autism spectrum disorders, and provide insights for professionals working with people with ASDs.



Foreword. Stephen M. Edelson, PhD, Director of the Autism Research Institute, USA. 1. Helen Landalf. Helen Landalf, daughter of Dr Bernard Rimland. 2. Joan H. Goble, M.D. Joan H. Goble, pediatric opthamologist. 3. Jean and Michael Curtin. Jean, mother of Michael and Michael Curtin, writer. 4. Katie Dolan. Katie Dolan, activist, president of Seattle ASA. 5. John Henley. John Henley, father of Sean. 6. Gerda McCarthy. Gerda McCarthy, Director-founder, International Autistic Research Organization/Autism Research Ltd. 7. Toby Arenberg. Toby Arenberg,Co-founder, Jay Nolan Community Services. 8. Raymond Gallup. Raymond Gallup, Co-founder and Director, Vaccine Autoimmune Project. 9. Julie Gallup. Julie Gallup, daughter of Ray. 10. Clara Claiborne Park. Clara Claiborne Park, author. 11. Carol Croke. Carol Croke, Co-founder, The Autism Society of Oregon. 12. Matthew DeLuca. Matthew DeLuca, father of Peter. 13. Jinny and Bill Kemmel. Jinny and Bill Kemmel, parents of Bill. 14. Elaine Woodruff. Elaine Woodruff, mother of Kristina Woodruff, artist with autism. 15. Ann Laferty-Snowhook. Ann Laferty-Snowhook, Co-founder, Jay Nolan Community Service. 16. Jordan Snowhook. Jordan Snowhook, son of Ann. 17. Elizabeth Snowhook. Elizabeth Snowhook, daughter of Ann.18. Kim Oakley. Kim Oakley, writer. 19. Irina Lobkovitz. Irina Lobkovitz, mother of Henry. 20. Kristin Zhivago. Kristin Zhivago, mother of Michael. 21. Sue Swezey. Sue Swezey, Co-founder, San Francisco Bay Area Chapter, Autism Society of America. 22. Edith P. Gray. Edith P. Gray, mother of Michael. 23. Beth Sposato. Beth Sposato, editor, `The A Book: A Collection of Writings from ASA ADVOCATE, 1979-89′. 24. Sharon Lettick Crotzer. Sharon Lettick Crotzer, daughter of Amy Lettick, Founder of Benhaven 25. Ruth C. Sullivan. Ruth C. Sullivan, PhD, founder of Autism Services Center and first president of ASA. 26. Toshiko Lyons. Toshiko Lyons, mother of Edmund. 27. Sally Graham. Sally Graham, mother of Edward. 28. Lawrence Stream. Lawrence Stream, doctor and father of LW. 29. Maxine Richards. Maxine Richards, mother of Randy. 30. Arlene J. Paster. Arlene Paster, Co-founder, Jay Nolan Community Services 31. Mary Laird Flanagan. Mary Laird Flanagan, former president, ASA Long Island. 32. Dr. and Mrs. William K. Henry. Rev William K. Henry, Ed.D., and Jan Henry, wife and mother of Andrew. 33. Francine M. Bernstein. Francine H. Bernstein, founder of the BLARE House Program. 34. Dorothy Beavers. Dr Dorothy Beavers, author of Autism; Nightmare Without End. 35. Jim Cockey. Jim Cockney, composer. 36. Audrey Flack. Audrey Flack, artist.



I recommend this book to any social worker or social work student — in fact, anyone who wants to get a feeling for what it is like to live with and care for an individual with ASD.


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