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Wishing On the Midnight Star My Asperger Brother

media cover image

Book - Wishing On the Midnight Star My Asperger Brother

by: Nancy Ogaz

About the author:

Nancy Ogaz is a writer and the mother of two children, one with AS. She counselled children with special challenges for ten years and completed a Masters in Public Health. She lives with her family in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California.

ISBN: 978-1-84310-757-6

Year: 2003

Publication Info: 144pp


Alex’s younger brother Nic never seems to be able to get anything right. He even invites Brianna Santos the girl Alex likes over when Alex is goofing around in his geeky pyjamas. But Alex never forgets what a special person Nic is.

Wishing on the Midnight Star presents the sibling’s view of the joys and frustrations of having a younger brother with Asperger Syndrome, with insights into the daily adventures of an AS family, and the positive coping, and loving strategies they have evolved. It is an engaging and amusing teen love story that will appeal to older and younger kids.



Introduction. 1. Wishing on the Midnight Star. 2. School Day Blues. 3. Magic and Mud. 4. Horror in the Morning. 5. The Real Alex Stone Steps Forward. 6. Attack of the Monstrous Midgits. 7. Alex Gets His Nerve Back. 8. Trouble with the Toad. 9. Alien Chickens? 10. Chicken Expert Extraordinaire. 11. A Dastardly Deed. 12. Nick’s Magic Chick. 13. Season of Sweetness. 14. A Slightly Menacing Undertone. 15. The Howling. 16.Cornered. 17.Golden Hearts Raining Down. 18.The Gift of the Midnight Star. Author’s Note. Resources.




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